At the ripe age of 16 a horse stepped on my foot while I was at a horse show flirting with a cowgirl. For the next few weeks I hobbled around with a cast on my footto help immobilize the suspected broken toe. They eventually removed the cast and thought all was well. Well that wasn’t entirely the case, yes my toe wasn’t broken but I started to have swelling in my knees. That swelling eventually got to the point that my right leg gave out on me one morning. The docs were worried of infection in my knees so they sent me to get lab work done in preparation of going into surgery. Luckily it wasn’t an infection but something was definitely wrong.

The doctors ran some more tests and initially thought I had Lupus. That was an incorrect diagnosis but they eventually determined that I had Psoriatic Arthritis, which is an auto-immume condition much like Lupus. They put me on a drug that has sulfa in it and that is when we found out that I am allergic to sulfa drugs.

Fast forward a few years, many failed therapies, and lots of hours of work on my feet my body began to give up totally and rebel. That is where I am now, a body that is more interested in fighting against itself rather than in it’s favor. The feeling from my knees is nothing but pain with every step, bone on bone grinding with no cushioning.

After 16 years of dealing with this condition the doctors have decided to give me new knees. It is odd for someone of my age to need knee replacements but with the damage that has been done due to the arthritis it has to be done.

When doing research on knee replacements all I could find was stories from baby boomers (50+ years old). So that is the reason for this blog. I am going to document going through the process from pre-surgery therapies and doctor appointments all the way to post surgery physical therapy.

Hopefully this will bring some help to others that are possibly going to be going through this that is around my age (31 years old). It will be an uncensored recant of everything that I can remember, all the pain and good that comes during the next year.


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