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  2. Hi. I didn’t catch your name in the blog or maybe i missed it but just had a quick question.

    I’m 37 & looking @ possible TKR for severe OA. My question is (and I don’t mean to be a downer) but its what keeping me from replacing, what about when you, me, need a 2nd replacement? My doc has said even if I only swim & bike which is what I want to be able to do, they’ll still only last 20 years because of my age. What did your OS say about this to you? Ann

    • Ann,

      First off my name is Michael and welcome to my Blog.

      As for your question this is how my doctor explained it. They have no clue how long the replacement will actually last. It can be 10 years, it can be 20, or even longer. He then went on to say no matter how long it last I just gave you 10, 20, or how many other years of a better quality of life and that is the reason you are doing this.

      I hope this helps you, I know that I was tired of not having the life that I want and deserve so it’s worth the risk to me for having to go back and get them redone. If they have to do so then they have to do so, but I plan on living my life until that point to the fullest.

      • Michael, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. It sounds like you had a very understanding doc & what is the point of making someone wait 20 years if by not having the surgery they would maybe be in a wheelchair in 2. I just worry because my doctor tells me revisions are difficult because they cut bone each time replacements are put in. They can only cut so much bone he says. Then they have to do bone grafts which may or may not work. I hope I’m not scaring you. I’m just trying to vent my fears & make the best decision for myself. I’m very glad you’re not in pain anymore. And who knows in 20 years what they will be doing w/ knee replacements. I would imagine research is only making things better. Keep updating you’re blog. I know it’s hard once you start feeling better but it’s encouraging to others to read about your progress. Best of luck to you. Ann

      • Ann, It sounds to me like you have one of the doctors that are more concerned with their work rather than your quality of life. It took me a few years and a few doctor appointments to finally find one that really gets that it’s not about age but quality of life.

        When I asked these questions that you are bringing up my doctor put me at ease and told me that we will address that when that happens. And as I said he stated to me, if they last 20 years then you just got 20 years that were better than they would have been had we not done this.

        It really comes down to wether you are to the point that you know things will not get better without the surgery and then you have to put all that other stuff out of your head and just start enjoying life after you get it done.

        Another thing that helped me was to remember that we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. So who’s to say that I will out-live these knees and why shouldn’t I be able to live my life as happy as I want to be while I am here?

      • Thank you Michael for your encouragement. Everything you’re saying is what my mother is telling me.

        I am to the point that my knees will not get better w/o replacements. There is one last ditch surgery the doc wants to try called allograft OATS. It’s where they take bone & cartilage from a cadaver & implant it into the raw areas of bone that I have. Recovery is long & horrific (as I know knee replacement is) but @ least w/ knee replacement I know once I’m thru recovery in 6 mos or so, I’m fine. There’s no guarantee this allograft OATS will work. I can’t just keep taking time off work. I’m out of time.

        You’ve given me lots to think about. Again thank you so much for sharing your experience. And I’m so happy you are enjoying your life w/ your new knees :). Ann

      • That just sounds like putting a spare tire on a car so that you can get a bit further down the road. I’d recommend going and seeing what other doctor(s) may say. And if you need to ask any other questions don’t hesitate to come ask.

      • It absolutely does sound like just Band-Aid’ing it & it is. I have a 2nd opinion scheduled for later this week. Im in California so unfortunately cant see your same surgeon. I don’t know if all these posts are going onto your blog but if you want to exchange email addresses, we can do that & I will keep you posted that way. Either way. And we’ll definitely have to keep in touch if I have this surgery. Not too many of us our age in this unfortunate position.

        Thank you for being a listening ear. Ann

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