4 comments on “One week, seven days, 168 hours

  1. Michael:
    I am thoroughly enjoying reading your postings and I know, without a doubt, that with your positive attitude and organizational skills, you will be the new “poster boy” for knees. I keep praying for you and know that God will keep you in His care. Judy

  2. Wow, I find reading through all of your postings, they are amazing. I’m glad you have decided to share your journey with the rest of us, especially those going through similar situations. I may have missed it and I apologize, but have you share with us what you think the cost of all of this may be?
    During any surgery, cost is usually one thing that worries me the most.
    I found a cost estimator that works really well, especially compared to my own grandfather’s bill. When I ran the estimator, putting the bill side by side it was only off by a few dollars.

    I found it to be extremely helpful when determining everything as it customizes to your age, insurance, pre-exisiting conditions and most importantly, your location. I find it’s easy to compare and contrast different locations close to you in order to find what is the best cost if you’re worried about how much you’re looking to pay. I wanted to share it with you, and I hope it helps. Good luck to you, I’ll be following your posts to see how your surgery goes. Thank you again for sharing your experiences!


    • When I went in for my pre-surgery medical check-up they told me that my surgery and stay will cost just less than $30,000. This doesn’t include my stay at an inpatient rehab center for 5 days after leaving that hospital and the 3 times per week rehab visits once I get home. My cost for the first hospital will be just north of $200 and then I pay my copay for each visit to rehab along with another copay at the rehab center.

      I am thankful for insurance, cause I am not sure I could swing a luxury car to do this without it.

  3. 36 year old guy here, Just got back from the doctor and he said i have 80 year old knees too. Reading your story is making me have a better outlook. Thanks.

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